Sunday, September 16, 2007

but it's all being written down now?

The scientific theory (which we’ve all heard at least once and which we totally remember because it’s so profound) is that the mere act of observing something (anything!) changes it. Just looking at molecules under a microscope changes them! Dude…? Yeah. Anyway but what about a sporting event? A concert? Why would watching it on YouTube change it? Ah, but it does!

Just knowing something, let’s say a music concert, is being recorded changes the experience itself! And you do know it’s being recorded. Because you can see the guy over there with the camera? See him? Yeah. Well, now you won’t take your bra off anymore. Because someday you might want to run for first-lady. And the band will play differently without your bra. The whole mood is different now because of your ambition. Experience changed. +1 for science.


Jake & Molly said...

but it would not be changed if the initiator of said act was not aware of someone's presence. I mean, I hate to be gross, but think about'd still scratch your nads in the morning if you didn't know someone might be watching from the doorway. Your act wouldn't change if you weren't aware of a difference of environment. Scientific theory can suck it, and you know I'm right.

Cold Bacon said...

i might hesitate at least? if i knew someone was watching.


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